Upscale Waterskiing, Wakeboard, and Sport Boats 

The term “Sport Boats” is often the generic word used by many of the manufacturers of cottage and family boats to indicate those models in their lineup which have features and sufficient power to satisfy the requirements for more advanced waterskiing such as trick skiing or for wakeboarding.

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A boat intended for wakeboarding will be easily identified by its fibreglass or stainless/aluminum tower extending up and over the cockpit of the boat and with an attachment on the top center of this tower to which a wakeboard tow rope can be attached. Often these towers can be further outfitted with side racks on which to store wakeboards plus even speakers for the onboard audio system. Many manufacturers will also offer a GPS-based speed control system to hold the boat at exactly the desired speed that the skier or wakeboarder wants. Some even offer cameras and a monitor to video and replay each run. These boats are typically eighteen feet up to mid-twenties feet in length and often have swim platforms mounted very close to the water for easy access plus fancy graphics and colour schemes to appeal to the younger at heart demographic.

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