Basic Waterskiing and Tubing Boats 

Kids just love tubing and their giggles can be heard above the sounds of the tow boat right around the lake.

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Almost any boat with a motor of any size can pull a tube behind it and provide hours of pleasure to both those in the boat and those on the tube. Speed is not the issue as long as the motor is strong enough to get the boat onto plane and keep it there as minimum planing speed is all you want for tubing. Pulling up one or two novice or recreational skiers successfully, especially if on slalom skis, may require a bit more power depending on the weight of the skier(s). A specialized boat is not required for basic waterskiing or tubing and most of the boats listed in the first category, General Purpose Cottage and Family Boats will come equipped with a ski tow attachment on the stern or can be readily fitted with one.

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