Cruiser Boats

Cruising boats, often simply called cruisers, or if larger, yachts, are those boats outfitted with dedicated overnight, protected sleeping accommodation for a minimum of two persons in the case of smaller cuddy cabins up to full families and, as these boats increase in size, perhaps friends too.

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As size increases, so do available on-board amenities to allow comfortable weekending up to long range cruising in ever-increasing comfort. The seven sub-categories of cruising boats outlined below have been chosen to indicate the intended purpose of each and the level of “live-aboard-ability” of each sub-category. It should be noted here that these are the only boats for sale in Canada in which alcoholic beverages are permitted to be consumed but only when they are being used as a “residence” in that they must be equipped with dedicated sleeping accommodation (they all have this), cooking facilities, and a washroom (toilet) and only when they are at anchor for the overnight period or tied to a dock for the overnight – i.e. when they are being used as a “residence.”

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