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Most popular in fibreglass but also available in aluminum, dedicated bass boats are easily recognized by their very low, sleek profile, their maximum trailer ability full-width beam, huge full width bow and stern decks almost flush with the level gunwales (the top side perimeter of the hull), usually bright paint and graphic schemes, and powered by the largest available outboard horsepower making them extremely fast.

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These features make bass boats the choice of professional tournament bass fishermen as they can get quickly to each bass fishing hole and maximize the amount of fishing time during the available daylight. Bass boats usually bristle with the best in GPS and colour fish finding electronics including bow-mounted electric trolling motors and sophisticated live well technology to keep the catch alive. Bass boats generally are side console designs with only two seats in a relatively small recessed cockpit area between the bow and stern decks. Bass boats are pure fishing machines and operate best in smooth water with relatively small wave conditions. They generally are found between seventeen and twenty-two feet in length.

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